Guildie of the Month – May 2022

Guildie of the month is back! And to celebrate, we are proud to announce that Zoloman has been awarded this month’s Guildie of the month title. Gratz!!!!

What is Guildie of the month?

Guildie of the month is a monthly title we reward to exceptional guild members who go above and beyond when contributing to the guild. You get featured on the website and in discord. How do you earn the title of Guildie of the month? Completing any of the following activities significantly helps your chances of earning the title.

  • Be active in the Game
  • Be active in Discord and Guild Chat
  • Helping members complete PVE or PVP content such as Mythic+, Arenas, farming honor, or mount farming, ect…
  • Helping members learn their class Hosting events for PVP, PVE, or any fun event
  • Donating to the guild bank
  • Recruiting new members

Zoloman is awarded the title of Guildie of the Month for going above and beyond helping his fellow guildmates. He’s helped guildies run their keys each week to assist in teaching them the dungeons by mentioning tips and routes; along with the true reason, getting geared. His leadership assistance in the raid via call outs have been helpful for members to focus directly on their rotations vs thinking about what’s coming next. Lastly this lovely orc warlock has become the first WSV member to reach 3000 Mythic Rating in patch 9.2!

Zoloman joined us back in December of 2020 at the start of Shadowlands. He joined the Limited Raiders team for Castle Nathria. He continued with that team through Sanctum of Domination as a raid lead assistant with Fuste and Zeakson and now is doing the same thing in Sepulcher of the First ones. Throughout it all he was promoted to Lt. General and eventually earned the rank General.