Guildie of the Month – July 2022

WSV is proud to announce that Exareo has been awarded Guildie of the Month title for the Month of July. Gratz Exareo!!!!

What is Guildie of the month?

Guildie of the month is a monthly title we reward to exceptional guild members who go above and beyond when contributing to the guild. You get featured on the website and in discord. How do you earn the title of Guildie of the month? Completing any of the following activities significantly helps your chances of earning the title.

  • Be active in the Game
  • Be active in Discord and Guild Chat
  • Helping members complete PVE or PVP content such as Mythic+, Arenas, farming honor, or mount farming, ect…
  • Helping members learn their class Hosting events for PVP, PVE, or any fun event
  • Donating to the guild bank
  • Recruiting new members


Exareo is awarded the title of Guildie of the Month for July 2022, for being instrumental in callouts for heroic Jailor Prog and helping Guildies earn KSM! We are happy to award him with this well deserved title.

Exareo joined our guild in WoD helping participate in WPVP and PVE content and being a excellent member of our community.  In Shadowlands he was invited to join our ranks as a PVE officer where he co-lead Potato Raiders. He eventually joined Limited Raiders where he was absolutely essential for callouts on heroic jailor prog.