Guildie of the Month – December 2022

Congratulations Barovir! You are Warsong Vanguard’s Guildie of the month!

Barovir (known as Beefadins) joined our ranks in early shadowlands and quickly made a name for himself by being oh so talkative and helpful in guild. It helped that he was a god in PvP too! He’s helped many players do arenas, whether they are new, or vets who haven’t pvp’d in a while. He’d always offer to do them! He never puts people down and is always friendly and positive when teaching people. He hosted a really fun gaggle of events in October 2022 in Grizzly Hills. It was the fun Grizzly Hills Camping Adventure, which had several events all which had prizes, he donated 500k gold for that day!

We’re ecstatic to have him with us and would love to see how far he goes while being in Warsong Vanguard.

Thank you for all you do for us Beefadins and thanks for being so welcoming to new members!

What is Guildie of the month?

Guildie of the month is a monthly title we reward to exceptional guild members who go above and beyond when contributing to the guild. You get featured on the website and in discord. How do you earn the title of Guildie of the month? Completing any of the following activities significantly helps your chances of earning the title.

  • Be active in the Game
  • Be active in Discord and Guild Chat
  • Helping members complete PVE or PVP content such as Mythic+, Arenas, farming honor, or mount farming, ect…
  • Helping members learn their class Hosting events for PVP, PVE, or any fun event
  • Donating to the guild bank
  • Recruiting new members